Beechwood Home & School is happy to inform you that we will be offering Frozen yogurt Friday once per month this academic year.

The TCBY fundraiser in support of our school spirit initiative is non-refundable.

Beechwood Home and School is pleased to offer students a Kiddy Cup of vanilla/chocolate swirl frozen yogurt from TCBY. Due to health restrictions, if your child is absent and misses a Friday, their yogurt cannot be held, and you will therefore forfeit that day.

Please note we will be offering a lactose-free sorbet option.

Please complete this order form and return it with your payment in an envelope clearly marked TCBY, orders can also be made online at

DEADLINE IS October 23rd  2022  | Please note:  If you miss the deadline, we cannot add your child to the list until after the Christmas break.

DATES:  November 10th, December 8th, January 19th, February 16th, March 22nd, April 19th, May 10th, June 14th.